Legend Of Zelda, The: Walkthrough

LEGEND OF ZELDA Expert Walkthrough
Written by Snow Dragon and Pegboy (C) 2002. All rights reserved.

Triforce ASCII (C) 2002 by Snow Dragon. Ask permission if you want to use it.

Table Of Contents

I. Updates
II. Intro and Notes
III. Expert Walkthrough

  1. a) Level 1
  2. b) Level 2
  3. c) Level 3
  4. d) Level 4
  1. a) Level 5
  2. b) Level 6
  3. c) Level 7
  4. d) Level 8

IV. Credits and Copyrights


2-23-02: Discovered an error on a monster name. All references to "Voles" have been
changed to "Vires."
Also made other touches here and there, none of them too terribly

8-15-02: Pegboy's e-mail address is now - has been for a while, as
a matter of fact. So if you want to send any of your problems or suggestions
to the master himself, there you go.


I know you are wondering what exactly an "expert walkthrough" is. Well, I have this
friend (Pegboy) who basically knows this game inside and out, so much so in fact
that I probably could have written this without playing the game and have a margin
of error of maybe one screen the whole game. But we're playing through just in
case, and he's showing me how he beats the game in his own expert way so I can
share it with the masses. In this way, he claims, the game can be beaten in a mere
two hours (which explains the line just above where it says Table of Contents).

Since this is a specific walkthrough with everything laid out in a particular
order, there are some ground rules we need to lay down.

** Since this is an EXPERT walkthrough, we needn't explain controls and give item
descriptions and whatnot. We, as experts, and assuming experts are reading this
as well, assume that you are familiar with the common aspects of the game.
Therefore, we cut straight to the chase with the walkthrough.

** If you're using this, do everything in the order it's listed! That's what makes
this method so great. Of course, if you're looking back from the computer to the
TV doing everything, it's going to take a little longer than two hours. Anyway,
it's imperative that with this walkthrough you do everything the way we tell you
to, for optimum efficiency.

** Bear in mind that even though this is written to optimize the amount of time it
takes to beat this game while getting every item there is, beginners can use it
as well as experts, for whom this guide is truly intended. So, actually, even
though it's entitled "Expert Walkthrough," anyone can use it. This is just how
we get through the game - our "expert method."

** Basically, if you're looking to kill about two or 2 1/2 hours on a classic game,
then this is your guide.

** If you need to contact us about anything related to this guide, e-mail me at
or e-mail Pegboy at . If you're
needing to know something specific inside the game, you need to e-mail Cohol,
and if it's something about this walkthrough, you need to e-mail me, Snow
Dragon. Send us your ideas or requests and we'll look them. Everything sent to
me gets answered eventually, so nothing is sent in vain!

** That's all, so let's start!


I) The Overworld

Usually, in this expert way of playing the game, we knock out every possible thing
you can do in the overworld before even heading to the first dungeon. This makes
for a fast run-through through about the first five dungeons. Start by going in the
cave above you and taking the wooden sword.

With your new wooden sword, walk outside and go up. Kill all the red Octoroks and
go right. Fight everyone who appears and go up. Kill more Octoroks, then up again
to a screen with Leevers, fighting them as well. (You're doing all this for money.)
Move up and kill Octoroks. There is a bridge here that leads to the first dungeon,
but you don't want to go here yet. We still have way more to do before going

Go up a screen and ignore the Peahats, moving to the right all the while. To the
right is a desert screen where you fight red Leevers. This is where you should be.
Kill them and proceed right to an area with blue Leevers. Don't fight these right
now in your weak, wooden-sword state. Head right to the screen with red Tektites.
They're an easy battle, so kill them all and go right yet again. Fight all the
Octoroks and hope for money.

If you don't have bombs yet, fight for them or go buy some. Then return to this
screen. Place a bomb on the second tile from the right by the north path. This will
reveal a cave. Go in and receive 30 rupees from the Molblin. Leave the cave and go

Ignore the Peahats and journey right, fighting the Tektites. When they're all gone,
take the ladder heading up and go in the cave to receive the letter. It's a piece
of blue parchment. Come back to the screen where the Tektites were and go right.
Avoid the Peahats as best you can and walk up through the sixth tile from the right
along the north wall. You'll find a secret passage that leads to a fancy cave. The
Molblin inside gives you 100 rupees. Leave and return to the screen with the 30-
rupee cave and go south.

Kill the Molblins on the next screen. Touch the Armos knight on the right to
uncover a stairway. Enter to receive 30 rupees, woo-hoo.

From there, go down and take out the Molblins (good source of bombs) and go right.
There will be two Armos knights. Again, touch the one on the right and go down the
stairs. The secret passage reveals 10 rupees. When you come out, the Molblins will
be in your way, so do away with them and go back to the left. Go down and kill the
blue Molblins. Walk left and take the north path leading left, killing who you can.
You want to fight all varieties of Molblins on the next screen and head down

Fight all the creatures here, Octoroks and Molblins, then go down. There are
several red Leevers, all of which you need to kill. Bomb the second tile from the
right to the left of the north path. It reveals a cave where you can take either a
heart container or a potion. Not being a fool, you will take the heart container.

Get out of the cave. When you've done so, walk left and fight the blue Tektites.
Walk left and fight more of them, walking left when you've defeated them. Kill the
red Octoroks that come in from the side and head north. Kill. Go left.

Eradicate everyone here. Once you have, look at the part of the wall to the north
that sticks out. From there, bomb the second screen to the left of it and you'll
find a cave. Walk in and get 30 rupees, then head back out. Go left.

Kill everyone. There is already a cave here, and it's a shop. The merchant has
several fine wares, but for now, buy a blue candle. Exit and go west. Kill all the
Octoroks, then walk up on the right side of the river. You'll see a raft dock here,
just as a landmark. Do away with the one Octorok on the screen and go right two
screens. Here, kill the Octoroks. Burn the lower left tree with your candle to
reveal a stairway. Go in. The Molblin gives you 10 rupees.

Leave and go north. Burn the corner bush, but don't go in. Save it for later so you
know where it is. Go right.

Burn the fourth whole tree from the right and walk in. Choose the heart container.
Leave and go right again.

Get rid of all the Leevers. Along the wall to the right, burn the top tree. This
reveals another set of stairs. 30 rupees are yours. From here, you can go up and
get rid of all the Octoroks on the screen, going up again after you've done just
that. There are five green trees in the screen with the Peahats. Burn the lower
right and go in to collect another 30 rupees. After that, return south three
screens. Kill the Octoroks onscreen and head left three screens, killing all
Octoroks as you go. End up back at the screen with the raft dock and go south.

Kill all the Octoroks, go across the bridge, and head west. More Octoroks to do
your dirty work on, so do that and enter the cave. Give the letter to the old
woman, but don't buy medicine yet. We're just getting things out of the way. When
you're able to buy medicine, don't, and leave the cave, heading north three screens
and pillaging everything in sight. At that third screen, there are six Armos
statues. Touch the middle one on the top row and go in. By now you should have
enough money to buy the blue ring, so purchase it and backtrack south three

Walk west and kill all enemies on the screen, Octoroks and Molblins alike. After
that, go left again. There is a wall separating the two sides of the screen. There
is a column of five trees there. Burn the top one and go down the subsequent stair
path. The Molblin inside gives you 100 rupees.

Head north and kill everybody, then go left, once again killing until there is no
one left. Eight trees stand in the middle of the screen. Burn the lower right tree.
You'll receive 10 rupees in this next cave. Now go back right two screens and kill
all the Molblins you see. If you need it, there's a fairy to the north so you can
refill your life. If you don't need to, go right.

From here, walk down, kill the Octoroks, and go right to the screen with the
bridge. Walk up on the right side, again to the screen with the raft dock. Go right
two screens. You should be back at the screen where you burned a bush to find a
staircase, so from there, go up. There is the corner staircase here, so go in. Buy
the 90-rupee shield. It's a magic shield, and now you can deflect magical

Go right two screens and kill all the Leevers, then walk north and eliminate
everyone. Go north again to find several Peahats. Take a right, because there's a
heart container you need to get. You should now be in the desert. Keep going right
until you get to the Tektites. There is a big boulder in the center. Bomb the
bottom right square tile in it and go in for that heart container I was talking
about. From the heart cave, take the ladder that goes up.

Avoid the Armos statues and go left twice. Kill the red Tektites and go on the
northbound ladder. You don't need to kill the Lynel for now, just go in the cave in
the upper left corner and get the white sword (don't worry about having to master
it, you can have it). Leave the cave and NOW kill the blue Lynel. Walk down the
ladder and head left three screens, trying your darndest to dodge the falling
rocks. Go down when the river makes you and bomb the first full tile from the right
(it's in a little alcove of sorts). You don't need to go in, it's just a medicine
shop in case you need a quick refresher.

Go right to the Peahats, again ignoring them and heading south four screens and
killing everything in-between. Now head west four screens. You should be at the
medicine shop. If not, you screwed up somewhere. Go in and buy a red potion in case
you ever need it.

Exit the shop and go left three screens. You should have entered the lost woods,
which is the same screen over and over again unless you take the right path
sequence. The first time you're there, kill all Molblins and go up, left, down, and
left. You'll be out of the lost woods and in a position to enter the graveyard.
We're going to make ourselves some cold, hard rupees. Walk up after you exit the
lost woods and kill the red Lynels. You should be in the graveyard after going up
the ladder.

To make money really fast, keep an eye out on the master Ghini. He's always on the
screen when you get there, and he's the only Ghini that doesn't pass through
tombstones. Hit him four times so it takes one hit when you find him in the crowd.
Keep an eye on him and touch tombstones to reveal more Ghinis, remembering to keep
the master Ghini who only has one hit left in sight. When about nine or ten Ghinis
are onscreen, go and take the final whack at the master Ghini. Items should fall
everywhere, especially money. From the first screen, go in a counterclockwise
circle around the graveyard (six screens in all), repeating the process all along
the way until you need to leave the graveyard to regenerate enemies. To do that,
walk down to the Lynel screen, then come back up. Follow that process to the
letter, because the Ghinis won't regenerate unless you travel the screens in that
order. Repeat this process until you have at least 140 rupees. When you finally do,
leave the graveyard to the east.

After collecting 140 rupees, you need to find the screen in the graveyard that lets
you go east. Go east two screens from there and take the ladder on the right
leading up. When you climb the ladder, walk to the right. There are ten Armos
knights on this screen. Touch the top right-hand Armos and pick up the Power
Bracelet under it. Now you can move rocks. We're about to use it.

From there, go back a screen and walk down the ladder. Bomb the third tile from the
right between the ladders. Again, it's a potion shop, save it for later in case
you're in the area and need to stop. Now go up the left ladder. Kill the red Lynel
if you want, then push the rock on the left up. It reveals stairs. Now you have
sort of a subway system between places on the map. Once in there, take the left
stairs. You should be in an area with one green rock. Walk right and kill all the
Tektites. Enter the shop in the upper right-hand corner and buy some arrows for 80
rupees. Walk right after you buy arrows. Go to the upper right-hand corner and
release a flame from your candle to the right. It will reveal stairs that you can't
get to yet. It's a potion shop in case you need to stop again.

Now walk left twice and take the subway, going down the far right staircase. Go
down the ladder and go left twice. You'll be back in the graveyard. Leave through
the ladder that goes south to the Lynels. When you've murdered them all, go down
and right. Kill the Molblins if you want - by now it's not necessary. Walk to the
right and cut across the staircase by walking across the top of it. This will let
you slip to the right. Now go up and right.

Kill the Molblins, and fill up with the fairy to the north if needed. Head right
and don't worry about the Octoroks, just go north to the shop where you bought the
blue ring. This time, buy the food.

Okay, so we've now actually done everything we need to in the overworld (for now).
Now we can cruise through dungeons at light speed. Go to the first dungeon. To get
there, go down three screens, right four, up three, and take the bridge to the
left. Now walk in the tree door.

II) The First Four Dungeons

Level 1

When you first enter, head directly down. There's a neat trick you can do. Leave
and go back in. The door to the north that was locked will be unlocked. Don't go
through it yet. Kill the Keeses and get the key they drop. It appears near the
bottom of the screen.

Go two screens to the right. One of the Stalfos holds the key, so he's the only one
you need to kill really, unless you're hoping for items. Now that you have two
keys, go north whether you did the trick or not.

Kill the three Stalfos in the next room and all the ones in the next room, where
you'll get a key. Head right to get the compass. The compass just tells you where
the Triforce is located, but usually you don't need it. Get it if you want, then
head to the left where the door shuts behind you. Killing all the Keeses opens it.
But now, go north.

You don't need to kill the Gels. Pushing the block opens the door to the left. The
man tells you that "eastmost peninsula is the secret." You probably don't know what
that means yet. Go right to the room with five Gels. The map is lying on the floor.
Pick it up and walk north, killing the Stalfos there. One carries a key, so focus
your attentions on him. When you have it, go north. Kill the three Goriyas and head
west. Beware of the corner traps and go to the left end of the diamond. Push it up
and go down the stairs.

Down here are a bunch of Keese and the bow. Kill them if they get in your way,
then get the bow and leave.

Backtrack to the map room and go right. Kill all three Goriyas and get the
boomerang they drop. Great item, the boomerang is. Once again, go right. In this
room, you should hear the Aquamentus roaring. Blue Wallmasters appear from the
walls. Kill them if you want, but don't let them touch you. They'll send you back
to the beginning and take away a little bit of life while they're at it. Get the
key in bottom right corner and go in the room to the north and fight the
Aquamentus. With the white sword, he takes only three hits, so shoot him from afar
if you have full life, or go in at point blank if you don't. When he's dead, you
get a heart container. Enter the door to the right and pick up the Triforce. You'll
leave automatically when you get it.

Level 2

From the entrance to the first dungeon, go right one screen, up one, right five,
down two, left one, and up one. You'll be at the second dungeon; if not, you messed
up somewhere.

Go in the green door and walk to the right. The Ropes will speed at you when they
see you, so attack quickly or from behind. Get them all to get a key and walk up.
More of them are in here. Unlock the door to the right and kill the Gels, maybe get
a compass, I don't know. Walk left two screens from the compass and kill all the
Ropes to open the door at left. Grab the key in the middle while eliminating the

Backtrack to the room left of the compass and go up. Five Goriyas lurk in here.
Kill them all and unlock the door to the right, which gets you the map. Ironically,
this level is supposed to look like a snake, and with all the snakes and everything
… ahh, forget it.

Go back left and head up. Killing all the Ropes opens the southern door and gets
you a key. Go right and fight blue Goriyas amid a crossfire of statue beams. In the
midst of it all, defeat the blue Goriyas and they'll drop the magical boomerang.
Pick it up. The magical boomerang extends to the length of the screen when you
throw it.

Leave to the left and go up through the door. There is sand in this room, and sort
of a mini-boss-type creature, the Moldorm. There are two of them. Just hit all the
segments with your white sword. When you beat them, a key is disguised in the sand
in the middle of the room. Pick it up and go right to get some bombs, then come
back to the sand room and go up.

Destroy the multitude of Ropes in the room and unlock the door to the right and
kill all the Gels for five rupees. In the room to the north, an old man tells you
Dodongo dislikes smoke. Basically, these two rooms are a waste of time, but for the
sake of having a detailed walkthrough, we've added them. Don't go in them if you
don't feel that they are worth your time. If you don't go in them, go north after
killing the Ropes.

Kill the Goriyas to open the doors. Bombs pop up in the corner, but don't get them
yet. Equip your bombs before entering the next room.

Dodongo is in the next room. He looks like an orange Triceratops. Press B to place
them in front of his mouth. When he eats them, he'll flash and smoke will come out
of his mouth. Two bombs are enough to give him a really bad case of indigestion.
The heart container will pop up in the middle of the room; get it. Go back to the
previous room and collect the bombs, then go back and get the Triforce.

Level 3

From the second dungeon's entrance, go down one screen, right one, up two, left
five, down four, left five, down one, and right one. You should be at the third
dungeon. Walk in.

The only way to go is left, so head that-a-way. Kill the Zols and get the key that
appears, then go north. You'll also get a key for killing all the Zols in this
room. Go north again and kill the Darknuts to reveal bombs. Go left.

Walk straight and get the compass, kill the Keeses if you need to. Walk through the
locked door and kill all the Darknuts to unlock the door to the south. Just try to
dodge the Darknuts like in a football game or something (10 Yard Fight, anyone?)
and go downstairs to get the raft. Leave the special item room and go back north.

From where you unlocked the south door, go north and kill everyone except the
bubbles that roam the room and can't be killed. They don't take away your hearts,
but they disable your sword temporarily if you touch them. Don't worry, it comes
back to you. Go right.

Kill all the Keeses to get bombs, then unlock the far right door and go through it.
The Zols reveal a key. Unlock the northern door and push the left block to open the
shutter. Go up through it without getting caught by the corner traps. The old man
asks you basically if you've gotten the white sword, which you have. Go left and
grab the key that's there, then head back through the south door in the old man

Go back to where you open the north door and go to the right. The map sits in the
center. Bomb the wall to the right to automatically reach this boss, the Manhandla.
You need to take a few bombs to him. Nick him and you'll knock off one of his four
heads; get the center and he'll die instantly. Pick up a heart container (and a
bomb if he leaves it) and go get the Triforce.

Level 4

From the third dungeon, go left one screen, up one, right eight, down one, right
until you get to a corner, and up four. Take the raft dock to a cave where you can
choose between a potion and a heart container. Obviously, you need to pick the
heart container. Go back to land via the raft and go left, up, left six, down
three, left three, and then take the raft path north to the fourth dungeon. Enter.

Go through the western door and kill all the Keeses for a key. Return to the first
room and journey north. The Vires turn into red Keeses when you hit them. Nothing
special happens. Go right into a dark room containing the compass. Use the blue
candle to light the room. Kill all the Vires, get the compass, and backtrack one
room. After backtracking, go north.

The key here is in the middle of the room, so get it and fight all the Keeses if
you want before heading left. Another dark room with Vires - you don't need to
light it up, just navigate around the blocks you can't see and go through the open
door on the upper wall. The next room is also dark; beat all the Zols to get a key
and keep going north.

Light up the next room and defeat who you can. You'll see that you can't go across
because of a river blocking the way north. Unlock the door to the right.

Kill everybody, thereby opening the door to the right. Go in and get your first
taste of the Like-Likes. They'll eat your shield if they get ahold of you and
you'll have to buy another shield. So kill them and push the left block to the left
to reveal stairs. Go down them and get the Stepladder.

Go back two rooms to the winding path with the Vires. You can step across the water
now. Don't go in the northern room yet (where the door is locked). Go one room left
and use the Stepladder to cross the river. Unlock the north door and pass through

Kill the Vires and go to the right. Light up the place and go all the way around to
get the Map. Leave to the left and this time go north.

You'll have to fight the midway boss amid a statue crossfire. Use bombs and try to
hit the center; if you run out, use your sword. With the sword, he takes two hits
per claw to defeat. When he is dead, the statues will stop shooting and you can go
north. The old man tells you to walk into the waterfall. Go right.

There's a key in the middle of the room. Avoid the Keeses or fight them and get it.
You don't need to light up the room because you can use the Stepladder to get to
it. When you have the key, go right to the dark room with the corner traps and
light it up if you need to see. Avoid them, going south and killing the Vires. Once
they're dead, push the block on the left to open the door on the right. Go through
and fight the Gleeok.

The Gleeok has two heads. Stab the heads repeatedly until they come off and start
moving around shooting at you. Ignore the head that falls off and start hacking at
the other one. When the Gleeok is headless, he'll die and you can get the Heart
Container and the Triforce. Now we need to make a few stops in the Overworld.

III) Overworld Stops

Float back to land and go right eight screens, down one, right two, and up one. Use
the Stepladder to reach a Heart Container.

Now, go up two screens, left one, up one, left one, and take the ladder headed up.
Take the stairs. If there are none there, push the block and they will appear. Take
the stairs on the left to end up near the graveyard. Go down once, left twice, and
up once. Push the third grave in the middle row either up or down and go in. When
you have twelve Heart Containers, you can use the Master Sword. And you should have
twelve, so pick it up.

Backtrack to the stairway transport system you just came from and take the
staircase at right. Walk left two screens and up four. The screen repeats itself
for a little while you go up, but at the four, you'll hear the secret-revealing
noise that means you've found something - in this case, the fifth dungeon. Go in.

IV) Dungeons 5-8

Level 5

You need to go right at the outset here. Kill the Pols Voices (the bouncing
rabbits). You can kill them in one hit with arrows. They leave a key when they are
all defeated, so pick it up, backtrack, and go north. Light up the room. The Gibdo
across the red river holds a key, so pick it up and bomb the wall to the left (very
important). Walk through the new passage.

One of the Gibdos carries bombs. Bomb the wall to the left before you get the bombs
from him and then walk through to the left. Fight the blue Darknuts (good thing you
have the Master Sword) and kill them all. Push the block on the left and go down
the stairs. Travel through this room and take the bottom locked door into a room
with Keeses and a key. Bomb the wall on the right and go through this tunnel. You
can have extra bomb space that the old man offers for 100 rupees. Accept the offer
and go back to the stair room. Take the key door on the left and get all the blue
Darknuts out of the way, using the block to get 'em from around the corner if
necessary. Move the block when they're all dead to reveal some stairs. Go in and
obtain the Whistle. Backtrack all the way to the room with the blue Darknuts and
the bombed wall to the right.

Go right twice, returning from your short detour and go through the north door,
which opens when you kill the Gibdos. Three Dodongos are in here, but you don't
have to fight them. Unlock the north door and get the map. Now, cut to the right in
the Dodongo room and kill the Zols. They leave a blue rupee behind. Walk up and
kill all five Gibdos and get the key they have hidden. Go north after that.

You're in a dark room with lava all around. Kill the orange Darknuts to get the
compass. The room to the north has a key guarded by two Gibdos, two Keeses, and two
Pols Voices. Unlock the door to the left and use the Stepladder to get to the
inside of the ring of lava. Kill them all and get a key, then go left. You should
see five Pols Voices. You don't really have to kill them, but it's easier to get to
the left, which is where you need to go next.

You're in the boss room, and your opponent is the Digdogger. Blow the whistle once
and he shrinks into a miniature version of himself, then hit him twice with the
Master Sword. The Triforce is to the north; don't go in the southern room or you'll
have to kill a bunch of red Darknuts to leave.

Level 6

From the fifth dungeon, go down once, left four times, down once, right once, down
thrice, right once, up once, and take your special transport, going down the right
staircase (the one on the right, not the correct one). You'll be back in the
mountains. Go down once, left once, and up once. You'll have arrived at the sixth

Go through the unlocked door on the right to a room filled with orange Wizzrobes.
Kill them to receive a key. The man to the north tells you about Goma, the spider-
crab boss. Don't waste a key on him. Go back to the beginning and through the left
locked door to meet five Wizzrobes. Nothing special happens - go north.

Demolish the Zols for the compass and walk north. Defeat the Keeses in spite of the
statues shooting you. Get the key that the Keeses leave and go up. Walk straight
through the corner traps and you won't get caught.

Several Wizzrobes (two blue, two orange) and some Like-Likes and bubbles are in
here. Kill the Wizzrobes while going around the Like-Likes (who'll eat your shield,
if you recall). Once they are all dead, push the block on the left to open the
shutter doors and go north. Kill all the Wizzrobes to get a blue rupee and again,
head north.

The midway boss is the two-headed Gleeok from the fourth dungeon, but he has three
heads now. Whack 'em all to defeat him and open a shutter door to the right, which
you need to go through. Kill the Zols and Like-Likes and grab the map. Go north
after this to a room with several Wizzrobes. Push the block on the left and go down
the stairs to get the Magic Rod.

Backtrack to the Zol/Like-Like room. Unlock the south door, which leads to a dark
room. Evade the Wizzrobes, pick up the center key, and go south through the open
door. Stab the Vires once with the Master Sword and go right. Do away with all the
monsters in the room and push the block in the middle to reveal stairs. They go
around to another room. You don't need to get rid of all the Zols and Like-Likes in
here, just go south and kill the Vires. Head left and get the key they leave.

Walk past the corner traps and go away from the Wizzrobes. Unlock the north door to
find Goma, whom you have to defeat with arrows. He's only vulnerable to that
particular weapon, and it only takes one arrow to bring him down. When he opens his
eye, nail him and get the Heart Container he leaves. The Triforce is in the room
above you.

Level 7

From Dungeon Six, walk down once, left twice, down three times, right twice, up
twice. A Molblin is at the pond. Kill him and blow the Whistle to drain the pond,
thereby revealing a set of stairs. Go in the staircase to get to Level 7.

Go right at the beginning and fight both Moldorms, who leave bombs when defeated.
Go up and kill the eight Keeses. There is a ring of blocks you can't see unless you
light the room up, so go right and kill all the blue Goriyas. The north door opens
and the man says, "There's a secret in the tip of the nose." Since that's not
really all that relevant, you don't need to listen to him. Go right twice (skip the

Kill the Stalfos with the key and backtrack to the block-ring room that was dark,
this time going left. Destroy the Goriyas while evading the crossfire from the
statues and pick up their bombs. Bomb the north wall and defeat everyone, in effect
opening a door to the right, but don't go that way, go left. Skip the Dodongos and
unlock the door to the north. Pay 100 rupees for the bomb upgrade (you can now hold
sixteen) and return to the Dodongo room and right twice. The room should be dark.

There are several Stalfos in here. One carries a compass, so try to get to him. Go
back left and up. There are Keeses, Goriyas, and bubbles in this room. Defeat the
perishable enemies to open the shutter door leading north. Enter that door and
ignore the midway boss and go left. Kill every Goriya in this room to receive a
blue Rupee. Unlock the north door and feed the Goriya the food you've had forever
to pass. It should be stale by now, but he doesn't care obviously. He'll let you
pass when you give him the meat.

Walk up into the dark room, which we suggest lighting. Kill the Keeses and Goriyas
and get the map. Unlock the door at right and get the blue Goriyas out of your way.
The shutter opens when you kill them, go north and beat all the Goriyas to unlock
both shutters. Go right and you'll be trapped in. Get the key and beat the Goriyas
(man, they're everywhere!) to re-open the door. Backtrack two rooms and bomb the
wall to the right.

Push the block on the left and go down the stairs to get the red candle, which you
can use indefinitely in a room, as opposed to the blue candle which you could only
use once per screen. Return to the diamond block room and bomb the wall to the
right, going through to several blue Goriyas. Defeating them all reveals bombs. Go
north to the sand room and defeat the Moldorms for bombs, then unlock the right-
hand door. This time you have to beat the Digdogger. This time when you blow the
Whistle, he shrinks into three miniature Digdoggers, which can be easily defeated
with your Master Sword. Go north when the door opens, ignore the Dodongos, and walk
through the tunnel you make when you bomb the wall to the right.

You have to kill the Wallmasters while dodging the bubbles. Touch the wall to get
them to come out. You must kill them all, and when you do, push the middle block in
the column to the right and go down the new stairs. Walk to the other end of the
room you appear in. You're now right next to the boss room. Kill the Goriyas if you
choose to and bomb the wall to the right and you'll face (gasp!) Aquamentus again.
Two hits with the Master Sword will effectively erase him from the face of the
earth, and when he's dead, you can secure the Triforce in the eastern room.

Level 8

From Level 7, go down once, right once, down once, right eight screens, up once,
and take the higher path on the right. Then go right and down and burn the the
farthest-left tree on the third row from the top to reveal the entrance to the
eighth dungeon.

There are doors all around, but go to the right in the dark room. Light it up and
kill everyone for a key, then go back to the original room. Go left if you're going
to get the Book of Magic and kill the Manhandla to open the left door. Defeat all
that you can (bubbles excluded) and push the left block for access to the stairs.
Go down to the Book of Magic, which sets enemies who are shot with the wand ablaze.
Head back to the beginning and go north.

Ignore the Manhandla here and go through the north wall by blowing it up. Go north
and kill all the blue Darknuts to open the shutters. Again, walk through the north
door and kill everyone for a blue rupee and go north again. This room is filled
with nothing but blue Darknuts, whom you need to destroy to open the shutter to the
right. When that is open, ignore it for now. Bomb to the north and kill the
Manhandla to get the map and unlock the door to the north. The blue Goma takes
three arrow shots in the eye to kill. The shutters open when he's dead; take the
eastern one.

Defeat all Darknuts and Pols Voices and push the left block of the diamond.
Downstairs is the Magic Key, which opens all doors. Backtrack to the room with all
the blue Darknuts and a shutter pointed east. Destroy all of them and go through,
then defeat everyone and go through the stairway and all around to the room with
Pols Voices, where you need to defeat everyone to open the shutter. Don't go
through it though, bomb the north wall and enter the passage. Defeat the Gleeok
with the quadruple cranium (last time, we swear!). The shutter opens behind him
when he's dead. Go through it. The Triforce is there.

V) The Ninth Dungeon

Before going here, make sure you have full health, which constitutes all sixteen
hearts filled, your maximum bomb capacity filled, adequate money (for arrows), the
Magic Key, and every item you might need otherwise (except food). To get to the
ninth and final dungeon from the eighth one, go up four times, left six times, up
twice (use the stepladder to go across the river), and left twice. Bomb the second
tile on the bottom row of the left eye of Specter's Rock and enter at your own

You have to have all the Triforce pieces so far to get anywhere in this dungeon, as
evidenced in the second room of the dungeon. If you have them all, the shutters
open automatically. If not, you have to beat any unbeaten dungeons first. If the
shutters open, go north.

Killing everyone is not exactly necessary, but bombing to the left is. Kill the two
Lanmolas and push the block on the left (it's always the left one!). You end up in
a room with Like-Likes. Fight through them and unlock the door to the right. Ignore
the Wizzrobes and walk directly to the right, finding a miniboss. Destroy all his
circular shield men, then hit him directly three times with the Master Sword to
kill him. When he's dead, head south.

Defeat the black Gels and get the blue rupee they leave, then bomb the wall to the
right and walk through and kill the Patra. He's a little bit faster with his
minions than the previous one, but he leaves a map once dead. Bomb the northern
wall after procuring the map and go in. Bomb the north wall again and walk through
the passage again.

Beat all the Wizzrobes and push the block on the left to get to the flight of
stairs there. Get the red ring for better armor and backtrack all the way to the
room where you received the map, then go left and up through the locked door. The
man says to go to the next room, so bomb the wall to the left and defeat all the
Wizzrobes. Push a block to reveal stairs that lead to a room with three locked
doors. Open all of them with your key power and go through the western one.

Walk on the black floor and kill the Keeses, then go left and kill the little man
and his shield guys. Go in the stairs in the middle of the diamond and defeat the
Wizzrobes, then bomb the upper wall and go through. Kill the Wizzrobes and push the
middle block in the column at right to reveal stairs. You'll get the silver arrows
in here. Backtrack to the passage that took you to this area, kill the Keeses, and
you'll end up back in an old Patra room. Going north, there should be many Like-
Likes. Kill them to open the shutter to the left and go through it. It's dark in
here. Kill the Zols and open the north door. Luckily, there are only a few
Wizzrobes, and they leave a blue rupee.

Walk north through the locked door and kill the Wizzrobes, then push the block on
the left. Go through the secret passage to a room with Wizzrobes and corner traps.
Bomb the left wall and go in and kill the Like-Likes and Zols, then go through the
stairway by again pushing the left block. When you come out, you'll find another
Patra, located right before (drumroll) Ganon! Defeat him, and lose as little life
as you can in the process. When the shutter opens, walk through. It is the day of

Ganon is totally invisible, so at first, stab around the room looking for him. When
you hit him, he appears temporarily, stunned. You need to hit him four times with
the Master Sword, and the only way to get him is by swinging blindly. He'll be red
when you stab him the fourth time, after which you need to get him with one silver
arrow. When the arrow gets him, he turns to dust, and you can pick up the final
Triforce. Go through the room to the north and cut through the fire with your
sword. Touching Zelda (Link's ultimate dream) ends the game, and you get to run
through the meager credits, which make the game appear as though it was made and
programmed in somebody's basement.

Yay! You beat the Legend of Zelda! And probably in only a few hours!


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